Posted on June 2nd, 2013

I recently went to collect my design award at the ‘Milan Design Festival’ after winning the global ‘Future Bottle’ design competition set by Heineken. The competition was to design their 140th birthday ‘Limited Edition’ bottle of the future. During the festival week, Heineken held an event where they transformed a large disused warehouse into ‘The Magazzini’.

‘The Magazzini’ was Heineken’s turf for hosting a range of creative talks (during the day) by designers & influential characters from all over the world within the creative industry. During the evenings the whole place was converted into a huge nightclub, where the public could venture to discover new drinking experiences, live DJ’s spinning new music from all over the world and party hard into the early morning hours. ‘The Magazzini’ also showcased some concepts which Heineken were currently developing, including a wide range of custom made furniture, a new aluminium ‘club bottle’ which glowed in multi-coloured facets, under black light and an interactive glowing bottle which lit up green when cheers’ed with another bottle.

Here are some of the photos from the whole Heineken experience:




Posted on April 28th, 2013

This year I was lucky enough to visit the 2013 Milan Design Festival. A very amazing and inspiring 5 day show was put on by designers and brands from all around the world, featuring everything from cargo crate furniture (in the shape of animals) to lamps made out of metal whisks. The festival is an absolute sensory experience for all, which I would highly recommend. The days are spent by walking along the narrow side streets of Navigli, entering dis-used warehouses and unusual buildings wondering what delights you are about to discover. Then the nights become a hype of activity with pop-up parties hosted by many of the exhibitors. Below are some of my discoveries…








Posted on July 21st, 2012

It was nice to see on a recent trip back to the UK, that brands of all shapes and sizes were getting involved with the Queens 60th Diamond Jubilee celebrations. It was interesting to see how many brands had created limited edition packaging to celebrate being British! Some examples below show how some brands went that extra mile – rather than just putting a Union Jack on it! The Marks and Spencer’s stores were a delight to walk around, seeing all the unique Jubilee packaging – I especially liked the Crisps! I also loved the advertising created by JWT for Mr Kipling, a very unique, clever idea well executed. Another favourite was seeing how Kellogg’s had created a range of packs based around the original designs from the 1950′s. Some one argue the original Kellogg’s packs actually have more brand presence and shelf standout than their successors!

I’d noticed the Union Jack was being far over used by many brands ‘for the sake of it’, and became almost as cliché as the KEEP CALM campaign.






Posted on May 26th, 2012

Vivid Sydney. A couple of photos taken with my phone when walking back from work the other night.

They have definitely improved the strength of the projecting colours over the past couple of years.